10 American Norms, Now, Under Siege

What has always made America, great, appears to, be, in many instances, currently, under – siege! Without these, the very core, of the principles, concepts, and ideals, which, many Americans, have taken for granted, for generations, significantly, weaken, this nation, in essential ways! Many of Donald Trump’s core supporters, from the time of his campaign, through, his Presidency, to date, appear to be inspired, and motivated, by his slogan, Make America Great Again! In other words, what has taken, a revolution, Civil War, several Amendments to the Constitution, and well – considered, thinking, and planning, is, at – risk, of being lost, perhaps, forever! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 10 examples of American norms, which seem to be, seriously, and aggressively, challenged.

1. All men created equal: What is more basic, to our American system, than the concept, of equal rights, freedoms, liberties, and justice, for all, regardless of economic status, ethnicity, religion, etc. In the first two years of this administration, we have witnessed, both, actions, as well as rhetoric/ vitriol, seriously, at – odds, with that principle!

2. Land of the free: The American Constitution, and Bill of Rights, as well as the Amendments, which have followed, focus on specific freedoms, including, free speech, freedom of the press, the right to peacefully protest, etc. The focus on the Southern Wall, and attempting to blame the press (name – calling, etc), creates a clear, and present danger!

3. No man, above the law: The recent, Mueller investigation, and, subsequent, report, was severely limited, by the Justice Department principle, and guideline, stating, a sitting President, cannot be indicted! The President’s apparent attitude, as well as statements, made, indicate his belief, he is above the law! If that is permitted, what type of precedent will it set, for future Presidents?

4. Women’s Rights: In America’s short history, women have had to fight, for the right to vote, control their own bodies, and for equal employment opportunities! Recent events, clearly indicate, these are, under – attack!

5. Supporting long – term, foreign allies: President Trump’s rhetoric, has disturbed many of our long – term, foreign allies, because, several times, he has taken the side of traditional foes/ enemies, while opposing/ blaming our allies/ friends. How, can we make this world, safer, unless/ until, we work, cooperatively, with our closest allies?

6. Consumer protection: A student of history, realizes, consumer protections were introduced, because they were needed, to protect, the common man, from the predatory behavior of corporations, etc. Do we really want to go back, to the days, when workers lost protection, and consumers had little legal resource, against the abuses of certain companies?

7. Environmental protections: Shouldn’t it be the responsibility of every generation, to leave, the earth, with cleaner air, and water, for future generations? The short – sighted approach, of placing economic gain/ profit, over environmental protection, and denying, the presence and dangers of climate change, places this, in – peril!

8. Balance of Power: Our Founding Fathers, created the principle of a Balance of Powers, between the three branches of government, the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary. Between the stacking of the courts, ignoring Congress’ subpoenas, and executive actions, this is another area, we should be concerned about!

9. Safety net: In the early part of the Twentieth Century, President Franklin Roosevelt, recognized, the need, for a safety net, including Social Security, Medicare, and, later, Medicaid. When the Republicans, under Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, and his party, use these, as an excuse for the large deficits, they created, largely due to their ill – conceived, 2017 tax reform, even though, these items, are not funded by the General Fund, another set of American norms, is being challenged!

10. Free Press: Although, it should be the press’ responsibility to fact – check, their reports, before publishing, and, perhaps, there is a need, to clarify some of the libel – laws, when the President, refers to anyone in the press, who opposes his behavior, actions, etc, Enemy of the People, that, just, isn’t right, or normal!

Wake up, America, because, what we are witnessing today, isn’t normal, nor, does it support the freedoms, liberties, justice, and principles, that, have always, made this nation, special! Act now, or imperil, the future!